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Feb. 1, 2024    Give me a (Tax) Break! Texans Get a Big One in 2024



Jan.18, 2024    New FAFSA: Don't Let Millions in Scholarships go to Waste

Jan.  4, 2024    2024: Good Vibes on the Home Sales Market Horizon




Nov. 30, 2023  The American Housing Stalemate is Triggering the Market - and Buyers

Nov.  9, 2023   Charlie Munger Thinks You Should Buy Index Funds and Sit on Your A**



Oct. 26, 2023   A Tale of the Obssesive Habit That Won't Come Back to Haunt You   

Oct. 19, 2023   It Pays (Thousands) to Shop Around When Mortgage Rates are Rising

Oct. 12, 2023   Why You Should Stay Invested in Down Markets

Oct.   5, 2023   Emotional Investing Can Traumatize Your Savings Strategy



Sept 28, 2023   Solutions to Housing Market Woes are Hiding in Plain Sight

Sept 21, 2023   SECURE Act 2.0 Breathes New Life into 529 Education Savings Plans

Sept   7, 2023   Social Security vs. Pension Plans: How do they Stack in Retirement?


Aug  31, 2023  How to Plan Your Retirement Portfolio with Zero Savings

Aug  24, 2023  Four Ways Small Investors Have it Better Than "Wall Street" Wizards

Aug   3, 2023   Target-Date Funds: A Major Player on the Investment Scene



July 27, 2023   Compounding: The Good…the Bad…the Lovely Rule of 72

July 20, 2023   What Buyers are Finding as they Resume Their Hunt for Homes

July 13, 2023   What New Investors Don’t “Know” Could Hurt Them

July   6, 2023   Diversification: Your Lifesaver During Stormy Financial Times



June 28, 2023   Bad Things Happen When You “Peek-A-Boo” Retirement Balances



Dec. 22, 2022   Silver Lining: Congress' Spending Bill has Some Shiny Benefits

Dec. 15, 2022   Are Index Fund Investors Smart, Lazy or Both?

Dec.   8, 2022   Hands Free: Target-Date Funds Adjust Focus as Retirement Nears

Dec.   1, 2022   Fortune Telling: Why Everyday Investors Need A Crystal Ball



Nov. 17, 2022  Index Investing Can Avert a (Crypto) Series of Unfortunate Events

Nov. 10, 2022  The Difference Between Failure and Success is as Simple as PDQ

Nov.  3, 2022   Econ Outlook: Tiny Rays of Light are Peeking Through Inflationary Clouds



Oct. 27, 2022   Watch for Signs of the Bear Market's Demise...Then Pounce!

Oct. 20, 2022   'Tis the Season to Evaluate Your Medicare Options

Oct. 13, 2022   Need to Stash Cash? You Don't Have to Take It to the Bank

Oct.   6, 2022   Buy-and-Hold Beats Rush-and-Flush Investing During a Bear Market


Sept 29, 2022   State of the Housing Bubble: Home Sales are Down, But Not Out

Sept   1, 2022   Inflation Mitigation: Rising Prices Take a Toll on all Generations



Aug  25, 2022   S&P 500 Index Fund: Is it All That It's Cracked Up to Be?

Aug  18, 2022   This Ain't Your Typical Bear Market Rally - Or Is It?

Aug  11, 2022   Bear Down: Should You Take Advantage of the '22 Stock Rally?

Aug    4, 2022   Home Loans From Financially-Fit Relatives Make (Dollars and) Sense



July  28, 2022   Will Rising Mortgage Rates Finally Burst the Housing Bubble?

July  21, 2022   How to Maximize Your Inheritance Allocations

July  14, 2022   Your Age and Life Stage Help Predict Bear Market Choices


June 23, 2022   There's No Time Like Now to Make Your Coins Work for You

June 16, 2022   Poking the Bear: Use the Current Market Instability to Your Advantage

June   9, 2022   Grim Reaper: PODs Dispense Quick Cash Upon Your Untimely Passing

June   2, 2022   Trial by Inflation: Patience is the Guardian of Joy (and Your Money)


May 26, 2022   The 529 Plan: A Smart Alternative to College Loan Debt

May 19, 2022   I Bond Interest Rates - and Interest in I Bonds - Continues to Grow

May 12, 2022   Real Estate of Affairs: Will the Bubble Burst or Find Balance?

May   5, 2022   Don't Chicken Out; Be A Bull During a Bear Market


Apr 28, 2022   Word on the Street: Jack and Jill Talk Real World Real Estate Trends

Apr 21, 2022   The $35 Trillion Question: How to Prepare Heirs for What's Their's

Apr 14, 2022   There's More to the Hot Housing Market than Buying and Selling

Apr   7, 2022   Life's Complicated Enough. Keep Investing Simple


Mar 31, 2022   The Bogle Behind My Long-Term Investment Strategy

Mar 24, 2022   Diversify: Play the Field (Wisely) with Your Investment Funds

Mar 10, 2022   Selling Point: How do Origination and Discount Points Affect a Loan?

Mar   3, 2022   Tax Prep: What to do if You Received Advance Child Tax Credits


Feb 24, 2022   There's More to the Market Correction Than the Ukraine Crisis

Feb 17, 2022   I Bonds: The Wallflower of Retirement Investments is in Bloom

Feb 10, 2022   America's Housing Market: Will the Bubble Survive 2022?

Feb   3, 2022   How to Deal with (Stock Market) Losses Without Losing It


Jan 27, 2022   When the Market is in Turmoil, Remember This, Too, Shall Pass

Jan 20, 2022   Ommmm: The Search for Financial Peace of Mind

Jan 13, 2022   Get-Rich-Quick Investing Dominated 2021 - Will 2022 Follow Suit?

Jan   6, 2022   When Battling Inflation Consider Bonds, I Bonds




Dec 31, 2021     Resolution 2022: How to Declutter Your Investments this Year

Dec 16, 2021     Four Financial Gifts for Your Kids That Keep on Giving

Dec   9, 2021     Roth Conversions are Righteous - Under the Right Conditions

Dec   2, 2021     Addressing Allegations: Are TDFs Costly and Inefficient?


Nov 18, 2021     Passive vs. Active Investing: Which is Best for Who?

Nov 11, 2021     The Boomer Retirement Boom: Can They Afford Their Golden Years?


Oct 28, 2021     Take Cautionary Steps to Navigate the Current Inflation Spiral

Oct 21, 2021     Trying to Make Sense of Medicare and its Moving "Parts"

Oct   7, 2021     What Happens When You Contribute Too Much to Your HSA?


Sept 30, 2021     7 Investing Tips I Learned the Hard Way

Sept 23, 2021     Make Investment Bank Using the Eighth Wonder of World

Sept 16, 2021     Pushing Boundaries: Can you invest 401(k)s and IRAs at the same time?

Sept   9, 2021     RIP: Make Sure Your Beneficiaries are Set in Stone

Sept   2, 2021     How to Make Sure Your Castle Finds a Good Home Post-Mortem


Aug 26, 2021     Inquiring Minds: Is Our Economy Heading for a Meltdown?

Aug 19, 2021     FICO: Three Digits That Have a Powerful Hold on Your Life

Aug 12, 2021     Trading vs. Investing: Which is More Likely to Reap Rewards?

Aug   5, 2021     Target-Date Funds Let You "Set It and Forget It"


July 29, 2021     Is There a Cure for Tightwad-itis?

July 22, 2021     The Secret to My (Investing) Success

July 15, 2021     Set Your Kid Up With a Health Savings Account (HSA)

July   8, 2021     Beware: Your IRAs are in Danger


June 24, 2021     America's Housing Market: Is the Bubble About to Burst?

June 17, 2021     Emergency Funds and the (Almost) Risk-Free I Bond


May 20, 2021     The Case for Delaying Social Security in Retirement

May 13, 2021     Crypto Craze: Is it a Bubble or Here to Stay?

May   6, 2021     Say It Ain’t So, Joe. The Stepped-Up In Basis Tax Debacle


April 29, 2021    How to Make Money in Retirement Without Working

April 22, 2021    Annuities Can Play an Important Role in Your Retirement Plan

April 15, 2021    Bond Investments are Not Just for Boomers

April   8, 2021    What the Devil is an Angel Investor?

April   1, 2021    Fractional Shares: Bite-Sized Investments with Benefits


March 25, 2021  Vacation Properties May be an Investment Worth Avoiding

March 18, 2021  ETFs Vs. Mutual Funds: Which is Better?

March 11, 2021  #TradingSpaces: Has Robinhood Lost its Luster?

March   4, 2021  #TradingSpaces: Is Worthy Bonds Worth Checking Out? 


Feb 25, 2021      Should a Beginner Investor Speculate on SPACs?

Feb 11, 2021      Exercise Patience You Will, Young Investor

Feb   4, 2021      The Great GameStop Stock Heist  


Jan 28, 2021      Guilty as Charged: How Do You Know When Enough is Enough?

Jan 21, 2021      Don't Wait Until It's Too Late to Decumulate

Jan 14, 2021      Stimulus Payments 2.0: About the CRRSA Act of 2021

Jan   7, 2021      New Year, New Opportunity to Plan for the Next Rainy Day




Dec 31, 2020     WELCOME 2021! Give the Gift of Education to a Deserving Kid This Year

Dec 17, 2020     How to Keep Savings from Yourself

Dec 10, 2020     Real World WynnSights: How to Spend 30 Large

Dec   3, 2020     Real World WynnSights: Please Don't Liquidate Your 401(k)



Nov 26, 2020     November Q&A: Real World WynnSights

Nov 19, 2020     Buying a House vs Buying a Home

Nov 12, 2020     The Recipe for Investment Success: Time, Money…and Discipline

Nov   5, 2020     Secure Act 2.0 Proposes BIG Changes to Retirement Plans


Oct  29, 2020     Individual Retirement Accounts: Traditional, Roth and Conversions

Oct  22, 2020     529 vs. Coverdell ESA: Both are Great but Which is Better?

Oct  15, 2020     The Sad State of Personal Finance Education in Schools

Oct    8, 2020     Pandemic Interest Rates: How Low Can They Go?

Oct    1, 2020     Pandemic Day Trading is not all Glitz, Glamour and Easy Money


Sept 24, 2020    Trying to Beat the Market is Futile - and Fleeting

Sept 17, 2020    The Pandemic has Millennials on Financial Pins 'n Needles

Sept 10, 2020    Dare to be Average and You'll Come Out on Top

Sept   3, 2020    Short-Term Speculation Erodes the Power of Compounding



Aug  27, 2020    Hoarder Alert: Know When to Toss Financial Docs

Aug  20, 2020    Capital Gains - and Possible Change - Explained

Aug  13, 2020    What To Do When Your Rainy Day Fund Runs Dry

Aug    6, 2020    Rainy Day Funds Redux


July  30, 2020    To Contribute or Not? That Is the 401(k) Question

July  23, 2020    How to Optimize Retirement Spending During COVID-19

July  16, 2020    Passive Investing: Beat the Aggressors at Their Own Game

July    9, 2020    IRS UPDATE: You Can Refund Your RMD if You Want To

July    2, 2020    Investors Have Been Brave During this Pandemic



June 25, 2020    When, Why and How to Rebalance Your Portfolio

June 18, 2020    Investing - like life - does not have to be complicated

June 11, 2020    Forget the Rumors. Social Security is a Good Asset

June   4, 2020    Healthcare FSAs vs. Health Savings Accounts. What's the Diff?



May  28, 2020    IRS Relaxes Rules on Healthcare Flexible Spending Accounts

May  21, 2020    IRS Relaxes Rules on Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts

May  14, 2020    COVID-19 Forces Far-Reaching Financial Lessons

May    7, 2020    CARES Act Allows Emergency Withdrawals from Retirement Accounts


April 30, 2020    Save and Invest...Or I'll Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap!

April 23, 2020    What if I NEED to Sell Investments During Coronavirus Crisis?

April 16, 2020    Beware! The Inflation Monster Can Wreak Havoc on your Retirement

April   9, 2020    COVID-19 Teeter-Totter: Balancing Our Nation's Health and Wealth

April   2, 2020    Did You Know? You Don't Have to Take RMDs in 2020



March 26, 2020  Coronavirus Crisis: Should I Buy or Sell My Investments, or Neither?

March 19, 2020  Target-Date Funds: Simple, Diverse and Great for the Autopilot Investor

March 12, 2020  Watch Those Pennies. The Dollars Will Take Care of Themselves.

March   5, 2020  The Skinny on Non-Retirement Household Savings Accounts


Feb    27, 2020   Win Your Own Lottery

Feb    20, 2020   Save A “Real” Million Bucks By Retirement

Feb    13, 2020   Who Pays Taxes On Fund Distributions?

Feb      6, 2020   The Coronavirus Crisis: Could it Infect the Market?


Jan    30, 2020    IRA Withdrawal Exceptions: More Rules For The Tools

Jan    23, 2020    Tools with Rules: Those Fantastic IRAs

Jan    16, 2020    Does Investing Mix with a Great Depression?

Jan      9, 2020    Your Portfolio’s Beating Heart: The Index Fund

Jan      2, 2020    Financial Fairy Tales Can Come True (But They Need Some Pixie Dust)






Dec 26, 2019     The Great 2019 Christmas Heist: Congressional Grinch Targets IRAs

Dec 19, 2019     Roth IRAs: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Dec 12, 2019     Let's Talk About the Hidden Costs of Investing

Dec   5, 2019     The Case Against High-Fee Mutual Funds


Nov 21, 2019     The Answer to the Million-Dollar Question

Nov   7, 2019     Before You Get Rich You've Got to Master the Basics



Oct  31, 2019     Start Saving in Your 20s and Retire a Millionaire

Oct  24, 2019     "Excu-u-use Me" Series: The Fearsome 50-Somethings

Oct  17, 2019     "Excu-u-use Me" Series: The Fretful 40-Somethings

Oct  10, 2019     "Excu-u-use Me" Series: The Harried 30-Somethings

Oct    3, 2019     "Excu-u-use Me" Series: The Roaring 20-Somethings



Sept 26, 2019     The Scary Facts of Retirement Saving

Sept 19, 2019     Index Funds Rule the Roost (IMHO)

Sept 12, 2019     Diversification is the Key to Happy Investing

Sept   5, 2019     Don’t Just do Something - Stand There!



Aug  29, 2019     Time is Money

Aug  22, 2019     Recession-Proof Your “Stuff”

Aug  15, 2019     Grandparents Are Special: Setting up Grandkids for Success

Aug    8, 2019     Hypothetical Henry: Compounding His Way to College

Aug    1, 2019     Raegan’s Roth Journey Begins



July  26, 2019    A Tottering Stool

July  18, 2019    Investing Should be Simple

July  11, 2019    The Amazing Power of Compounding

July    4, 2019    Rainy Day Fund: A Financial Firewall



June 27, 2019    Millennials call it FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early)

June 20, 2019    Life Lessons and Learning Experiences

June 13, 2019    Cotton Pickin’, Eggs and Cash

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